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Earth Science BEN204Ecotourism Tour Guide Course BTR301

Ecotour Management BTR101


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Tourism has become huge, and ecotourism one of the largest sectors of the modern tourist industry. Ecotourism offers opportunities for employment in virtually every corner of the world, from poor countries to rich and cold environments to hot.

This course is an excellent first step toward increasing your potential for success in ecotour management.


There are 9 lessons as follows:alt

  1. Nature and Scope of Ecotourism
    • Definition of ecotourism
    • Negative ecotourism
    • Principles of ecotourism
  2. Management Issues
    • Recreation and the environment
    • recreational impacts on the environment
    • ethical and legal concerns
    • code of practice for ecotourism operators
    • incorporating ecotourism principles into activities
    • interpretation
    • visitor guidelines
    • planning for minimal impact
    • quality control
  3. Industry Destinations
    • The ecotourism market
    • what do ecotourists want?
    • trends in international tourism
    • understanding the needs of the consumer
    • consumer expectations
  4. The Tour Desk/Office
    • Office procedures
    • providing information
    • employment prospects in ecotourism
    • bookings
    • business letters
    • telephone manner
  5. Accommodation Facilities
    • Types of accommodation facilities
    • layout of facilities
  6. Catering Facilities
    • Introduction to catering
    • accepted practice for service facilities
    • storing and preserving food
  7. Legal Considerations
    • National Parks
    • land use/planning restrictions
    • code of practice
  8. Safety
    • The safety strategy
    • hazards
    • first aid
  9. Planning an Ecotourism Activity - A special project where the student plans out an ecotourism activity including:
    • budget
    • accommodation
    • licenses
    • meals
    • destination

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the college, marked by the college's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.


  • Describe the scope of ecotourism experiences available.
  • Determine management issues related to ecotourism activities/enterprises, giving due consideration to environmental and ethical concerns.
  • Develop in the learner an awareness of ecotourism destinations in existence and possibilities (in the learner's country).
  • Explain the management and operation of an ecotourism office.
  • Explain the management of ecotourist accommodation facilities including:
    • camp sites
    • cabins
    • caravans
    • resorts
  • Identify catering options for different ecotourism activities.
  • Identify legal and statutory requirements for the establishment and operation of an ecotourism enterprise.
  • Identify/establish safety precautions/requirements/procedures for an ecotourism enterprise.
  • Plan for an ecotourism activity.

Here are just some of the things you will be doing:

    • Prepare reviews of six different ecotourism destinations
    • Contact travel agencies and information centres to research the scope of ecotourism activities available in your area
    • Contact a range of ecotourism operators to research their concerns for the environment
    • Determine three examples of ecotourism activities that have had undesirable social or environmental impacts
    • Report on the relevance of indigenous culture to ecotourism in your locality
    • Carry out research into desirable ecotourism destinations
    • Identify potential ecotourism activities in your locality
    • Observe the administrative operations of an existing ecotourism venture
    • Establish administrative procedures for your own hypothetical ecotourism enterprise
    • Inspect an ecotourism accommodation facility
    • Research the statutory/legislative requirements for setting up ecotourism accommodation in your locality
    • Determine suitable layout for an ecotourism accommodation facility
    • Visit at least two suppliers of outdoor/recreation camping and cooking equipment
    • Contact your local health department or similar to find out causes of food poisoning and how it can be prevented
    • Make contact with several local ecotourism associations to research membership requirements
    • Research law and regulations in your state that may affect the operation of an ecotourism enterprise
    • Contact at least two insurance brokers for their recommendations on the type of insurance needed for a proposed ecotourism activity
    • Research safety notification requirements in a natural area
    • Interview someone who has been involved in the planning and/or delivery of an ecotourism activity.


Tourism is now a boom industry and a major employer of recreationists in the country. Ecotourism has emerged out of a growing interest in outdoor adventure activities - from mountaineering to low impact bushwalking.

Establishing such an enterprise requires an understanding of a wide range of issues including: legal considerations, safety, accommodation, the tour desk as a first point of contact, destinations, and management. This course develops your ability to establish and operate an ecotourism enterprise.

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